The new short documentary One Voice, One Mic from director Ben Gummery takes an upbeat yet honest look at the rise of podcasting as well as examining the state of the medium; considering whether podcasts are becoming over-saturated and demystifying how the monetisation of podcasts actually works in practice; with a particular focus on the UK podcasting scene.

Through archive footage of industry pioneers as well as in-depth interviews with grassroots podcasters of today the film aims to demystify and shine a light on this exciting new medium and inspire future podcasters.

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“I would suggest this documentary for anyone looking to start a podcast” 6.5/10

Chris Salce from Film Threat

“While the film doesn’t necessarily chart much new territory, what it does it does well and it’s easy to see it finding a spot on the indie fest circuit amongst filmmakers and indie film fans who will unquestionably resonate with the film’s overall enthusiasm about podcasting and empowering message that there’s still room for the industry to grow and for new voices to be discovered. ” ★★★

Richard Propes from The Independent Critic 

“The overall message of One Voice, One Mic is that if you’re passionate about podcasting, there’s no reason for you to not do one.” ★★★

Jeremie Sabourin from Cinema Smack 

“This is an interesting look at the rise of Podcasting and Gummery does a good job of showcasing a varied group of folks who take this world serious enough to put their mouth where their money is (pun intended).”

Michael Smith from Mike’s Film Talk


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