What is the reason for the success of podcasting?

We were thrilled to be mentioned in an article from Spanish language podcasting site ViaPodcast.FM titled ‘What is the reason for the success of podcasting?’

This article touches on many points about the current state of podcasting that we will be discussing in our film so here is an extract in English:

  • Much is said about the success of podcasting, but why is this? From the portal The Republic of Colombia has made an analysis ofthe reason why this format has become a success in the digital world.

  • Smart speakers aim to dominate the market. But what are they?Many might think that they are just fashion toys, but they really could be true home automation tools. Fundación Telefónicaanalyzes the case.

  • Banco Itaú de Uruguay haslaunched a narrative podcast. It is a sound novel and already has channels in Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

  • You can learn a new language by dedicating only 15 minutes a day to the study. From the portal Ticbeat they show the recommendations that Babbel gives to do it and one of them is to listen to a podcast .

  • Recently, Google Podcasts presented an acceleration program , for which thousands of people from more than 100 countries applied. The company has already chosen the participants and has presented the 6 inaugural teams of its program of which Latinos have excelled.

  • Director Ben Gummery has created a new short documentary calledOne Voice, One Mic in which an optimistic but honest look is given to the rise of podcasting and the state of the medium is examined.

  • Podcasts are filling a real need of users . Why has the podcast grown so much? In the Fortune Data Sheet newsletter they explain about the topic.

  • Spotify aims to focus on podcasting in 2019 and that approach also includes selling their own ads .

  • It is expected that in 2019 podcasting will continue to rise, but this could be a bubble about to explode . Jacobs Media makes an analysis of what could be happening with this format.

  • Do you want to get a job as a podcast producer ? For this you must know what skills and knowledge you need. Some of them are creation and direction of the content and of course recording and audio editing.Discover how you can learn everything you need.

We recommend reading the full article via Google Translate.