Calling all Podcasters and Podcast Fans!

Although we have finished our principal photography we would still like some more footage to choose from so we can make the best film possible.

We don’t have any budget left to film additional footage but in true indie film-making DIY style you can help us out in one of the following ways:

Film Yourself answering a few short questions about podcasting. We will send some simple instructions. This option is open to both podcasters and podcast fans!

If you have footage already of making your podcast, video podcast, behind the scenes, live shows, fly-on-the-wall footage. Anything like this may be be useful to us.

Promote us by sharing our posts on social media – this will be a big boost for the film.

We are also looking to book podcast guest spots to promote the film later this year so please get in touch if you would like to be on the list.

If you can help out with any of the above please contact us on benweblight(at)

The deadline for submissions is 1st March 2019

We will give a thank-you credit on the film for all footage sent to us – even if it doesn’t make it into the final cut.

Thank You!