Podcasters – What, How & Why?

Originally posted on Indie Mac User:
The podcasting medium is now as popular and visible as ever; in-part thanks to big-name podcasters such as Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, Marc Maron, Leo Laporte & Chris Hardwick. However the majority of podcasts are started in obscurity by people with no previous media/radio experience. So why do people do it? We talked to a…

Early Beginnings

“I actually first made a Podcast back in 2005, when i was 13. Thankfully, the audio from that doesn’t exist anymore. This project is a lifetime in the making for me and incredibly personal” Ben Gummery Director – ‘One Voice – One Mic’

Podcasting in Spanish

We were excited to get mentions on the Spanish language podcast Notipod Hoy. This is a timely reminder that podcasting occurs in many different languages; which is something we plan to highlight in our film. Listen to the clip below: We got mentioned on #Spanish language podcast @NotipodHoy! A great reminder that podcasts happen in […]