April Update & New Podcast Interview

It’s April, most of us are probably stuck inside and listening to our favourite podcasts. We recently recorded a new podcast interview with our friends at Superhero BarFight where we discussed the film as well as our next project KevHeads. Check out the episode here: https://usuk.podbean.com/e/superhero-barfight-episode-24-michonne-vs-wicked-witch-of-the-west-feat-ben-gummery-one-voice-one-mic/ If you are looking for something to do the […]

First public screening!

We are happy to announce the first public screening of One Voice, One Mic. We will be screening as part of the Chapter MovieMaker event on August 5th at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff; along with a bunch of other local short films.

Podcasters – What, How & Why?

Originally posted on Indie Mac User:
The podcasting medium is now as popular and visible as ever; in-part thanks to big-name podcasters such as Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, Marc Maron, Leo Laporte & Chris Hardwick. However the majority of podcasts are started in obscurity by people with no previous media/radio experience. So why do people do it? We talked to a…

Early Beginnings

“I actually first made a Podcast back in 2005, when i was 13. Thankfully, the audio from that doesn’t exist anymore. This project is a lifetime in the making for me and incredibly personal” Ben Gummery Director – ‘One Voice – One Mic’